Well, everyone who knows me will tell you that I love reading, dancing and watching serials, or as some call them tv shows. Nowadays there are so many of them 🙂 but to tell the truth, very few are really good, worth getting and keeping them for the future.
I would probably say that those dealing with history are my favourite ones, and the best period dramas in the world come from the UK. In my humble opinion, and I could be an expert on serials based on how many I actually watched, in spite of how pretentiously it may sound, I would say that the best serials altogether come from the UK.
Having said that, I have to justify it by only mentioning a few. Therefore I was crazy about Downtown Abbey, watched The Paradise, The White Queen, and my latest obsession is “Outlander”.
I mean for real, you have to be mad not to watch it. Really good actors, great costumes, amazing set, wonderful nature., there is something for everyone’s eyes. It is a rare thing to see a good book adaptation, regardless of the existing trend and many books are being adapted for screens; this is definitely one of the worth-your-while shows. Anyhow, a series of nicely developed characters, that provides a brief glimpse into the 18th-century history, and with the fictional story and characters, interestingly wrapped in the real historic events. The First Season was set in Scotland and the Second season took part in France. I have no intention of revealing too much, I would just like to recommend it #recommendedbyivy

P.S. it is steamy, so not for kids
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